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Electrical Torque Wrench

Tensor Revo Nutrunners

A revolution in high-torque tightening - Now up to 4000 Nm!

Smarter, lighter and faster

When choosing assembly tools for high torque joints, the challenge is often to combine high quality tightening with acceptable ergonomics and usability. Some tools provide higher quality but can be large and heavy. Other tools are lighter, but may not live up to quality and durability requirements. Why compromise? Tensor Revo has it all. It's also extremely fast. With the unique, patented T-design and packed with smart features, the new Tensor Revo is a true revolution in high torque tightening.

Smarter - for highest quality

Error proofing: High accuracy and full rundown control eliminates assembly errors and ensures process stability.
Full traceability: Transducer measured torque ensures a traceable process. Easily combined with data collection software.
Clear feedback: Visual and audio feedback allows operator to correct errors at source.

Lighter - for highest usability

50% lighter and 40% more compact: Improves ergonomics and simplifies access and installation.
Easy positioning: 360 degree gear swivel on transducerized tool enables easy positioning and access to bolt.
Simpler process: Quick and easy program change directly on tool.

Faster - for highest productivity

Higher speed: 99 rpm at 1,000 Nm. 30% faster compared to Tensor S9.
Less rework: Find and correct problems directly at source to reduce time for rework.
Fewer operations: Replace pneumatic tool and click wrenches with only one Tensor Revo operation.

Cylinder head assembly
Wheel Assembly
Chassis and axle assembly
Counterweight assembly
Power Focus 4000 Graph
change for reaction bar
ST cable with protection
MaxiDisplay 3 (19)
Revo with adjustable operator handle & trigger
Telescopic front with 25-50 mm travel
Suspension yoke adjustable(motor mounted)
Swiveling suspension yoke(gear mounted)
Large socket selector
Tensor Revo 2000 Nm