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Welcome to Ace Fastening

AFS is a proud business associate of ATLAS COPCO from Sweden, GESIPA, GMBH & SWAGEFAST and RSA. AFS is constantly driven to offer nothing but the best quality products to meet needs of our customers.
Why Us

Our technically competent employees are passionately dedicated to producing well researched and innovative products. We indulge in constant improvisation to take us way ahead of other manufacturers.

Director Profile

The potential inherent in any company’s future and its ability to accomplish goals depends on a visionary leadership. Established by competent leaders who have over the years contributed their immense industry knowledge

Quality Assurance

The key to our success and the reason of our competitive edge has always been on Quality. We have set and follow strictly a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that the qualities of our products are not compromised by any means.

Product portfolio

We welcome you to browse through our vast array of products spanning multiple categories and covering wide functionality. Engineered to perfection and checked for industry standards in terms of quality, price, innovation and performance,

Foam Program

We at Ace Fastening focus beyond tool storage. We build tool organizers for people who use and rely on their tools. It's not about getting the most tools in the box, but getting the most out of your tools. We cut Organizers / foam using high quality CNC laser equipments. The foam is tear resistant, does not absorb liquids and is resistant to most fuels and oils. The layers are chemically bonded for maximum durability.

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